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GETtoKNOW Danise

To get inner-city teenagers with poverty mindsets to think about the future is a challenge to begin with. The STL | LIFT program understands this reality and mentality and fights against it by encouraging the students to dream and plan.

They make career aspiration and interests a regular topic of conversation. From these conversations, internships and job shadowing experiences are set-up for the students so that they can get a better idea of what it would be like to work in the field they desire to be in.

This is Danise.

This summer, Danise got to experience the day in the life of a doctor, a career path she hopes to pursue. A job shadowing experience was established at SSM Health St. Clare Hospital where she got to shadow a doctor and even observe a procedure.

As the students get older and gain experience, desires either shift or grow. Whether or not Danise decides to pursue a career as a doctor, her experience shadowing one is healthy and helpful and having this opportunity available to her through the STL | LIFT program should be recognized and celebrated.

If you are willing to have a student job shadow you at work, or would even consider taking on a student as an intern, feel free to make connect and connect with us!

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