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Working Towards a Better St. Louis

Since it's inception, LOVEtheLOU has kept a pulse on what neighbors need in the city and how those needs can be met through loving relationships.  It's these relationships that we believe will transform St. Louis.

LOVEtheLOU was formed out of the very simple idea of bringing people together all with the common desire to meet urban needs.  The process of gathering a core leadership began in August of 2009.  Lucas Rouggly initiated the process by gathering a few leaders close to the St. Louis city limits.  His goal was to brainstorm simple and practical ways to serve the city, and from this, LOVEtheLOU was born.

Lucas moved into North St. Louis with his family to have a direct effect on the area.  Because the Enright neighborhood was labeled at-risk, many good people surrounding the Rouggly's offered to help bring restoration to the neighborhood. 

As each year went by, this list of people grew from just friends and family to over 1,000 volunteers who wanted to tangibly show their love for the city.  

The organization initially focused on loving the city by serving local businesses.  Then in June of 2011, the first commUNITY Festival was held in the Old North City.  This was the first major public project labeled under the title of LOVEtheLOU.  The small group of LOVEtheLOU volunteers partnered with other local nonprofits for the event.  Many relationships were formed and passions were stirred during that first festival.  This was a pivotal moment that propelled LOVEtheLOU forward.  


Since then, LOVEtheLOU has grown and changed as an organization in many different ways, but our goal remains the same: to unite the City of St. Louis through meaningful relationships with a loving foundation.  Since August of 2010, our staff has been planning trip for outside groups to come in and serve the city.  We have hosted many more block parties, been a part of several community development projects and built lasting relationships in the St. Louis area.  

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