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GETtoKNOW Chasity

I caught Chasity at the beginning of a Saturday morning break. She began to saunter away from the gardens when I asked her where she was going and if she had time for an interview. She responded in stride, "I'm going home and I'd be happy to answer your questions as soon as we get in air conditioning."

I realized this was an invitation into her home just a few more feet away. I happily followed. Once inside, we grabbed some popsicles, two for us to enjoy now and a handful for the rest of the students to enjoy later, her idea, before we plopped on the couch for a quick conversation. She talked about her interest in dentistry for a career before rolling out her 10 year plan which ended in a family with one kid and one dog, no exceptions.

There was slight tension between my amusement with her answers and her conviction in giving them. She was serious and resolved. And in that moment, I saw those strong qualities in more than just her answers, but her character. There is a steadfastness about her that feeds her determination. The way she carries herself screams "I can and I will." And here, I want to express the same sentiment -- I believe she can and I believe she will too.

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