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GETtoKNOW Jolonda

As seen above, Jolanda and I had a bit of a fashion shoot before later sitting down to discuss her dreams. She is pictured in garden two, which is the garden she is the student leader of. Which is the garden she leads well, as seen below.

As we swatted away the bugs from biting our legs, she talked about her plans to become a travel nurse. She explained that her inspiration stemmed from two separate things -- the amount of time she has spent in a hospital and a youtube channel she watches regularly.

I didn't need to look too closely to see the brightest light in her eyes as she raved about Rome and the places she'd love to go before settling down.

The last question I asked her was "what do you want the world to know about you?" Her answer was "I'm fun and I'm loving." And as I look at her shirt, I would like to add one more thing -- she is worth it.

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