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Meet Jamel Roberson!

LOVEtheLOU would like you to meet Jamel Roberson!

Jamel, 26, is a native St. Louisan. He began volunteering with LOVEtheLOU early 2018 and officially starting working with us this summer. He has a passion for the gospel and seeks to glorify God through the work he does with LOVEtheLOU and the music he writes in his free-time.

Jamel is a great addition to our team! He works directly with the young men in our STL | LIFT program, mentoring and supporting them. You can find Jamel with a few of our teens mowing lawns throughout the week or in the gardens on Saturday morning leading a team.

We are grateful for Jamel’s involvement with LOVEtheLOU and look forward to all the work he will do in positively shaping the young men in our program.

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