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Meet Tia Barndt!

We would like you to meet LOVEtheLOU’s newest staff member Tia Barndt!

Raised in Pennsylvania, Tia first moved to St. Louis after college for an internship and work with the St. Louis Cardinals. Through her career and life experiences, prior to, during and after her time spent in St. Louis, Tia grew a passion to empower and propel oppressed and marginalized people to success. This passion has landed Tia back in St. Louis to be LOVEtheLOU’s Director of Business Development. As Director of Business Development, Tia creates partnerships with local businesses. The goal of these partnerships is two-fold - it helps LOVEtheLOU stay connected to the community and also provides opportunities for businesses to join in the mission of LOVEtheLOU- to reverse trends of racism and poverty in the city of St. Louis. While Tia spends time cultivating business relationships, she also prioritizes building relationships and friendships with community members. She desires to know as best she can the needs of the people she is serving so that she can help them most effectively. She hopes to see a mass of businesses and individuals use their time, talents, money, and other resources to help heal the city of St. Louis.

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