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We would like you to meet LOVEtheLOU's Summer Intern - Sandra Yokley!

Sandra Yokley is twenty-three and a soon to be graduate of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. She is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Sociology with a concentration in Diversity and Social Justice. Though she lives and goes to school across the river, her love for St. Louis is apparent. Her aspiration to see the marginalized communities raised, liberated, and celebrated is unmatched.

Sandra began interning with LOVEtheLOU in May 2018. She was tasked this summer with using her communication and writing skills to create a media project whose focus would be on connecting you to the city through events, businesses and people. From that idea, theKNOW series was formed.

While Sandra is excited to be the writer of the series and the voice of the narratives you will read in the GETtoKNOW segment, louder still she hopes will be the voices of the oppressed she writes for and about, who are not just the future of the city, but the present creators of it who contribute good to its reality.

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