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Perhaps the segment of the series we are most excited about is GETtoKNOW. Over the course of the next year, you will get a glimpse into the present and future lives of all 27 students in our STL | LIFT program.

The power of this series lies in the depth of the challenge we are undertaking - the challenge of changing the narrative. We will oppose the media and the stories it puts forth by circulating images and narratives that reflect a much different reality. We believe there is another side, a better side, to the city and to the youth that inhabit it that you should know about.

We invite you to read about the lives of our inner-city teenagers who are not at-risk, but at-promise. We invite you to join us in changing the language, labels, and stereotypes that plague our students and limit their opportunities. We invite you to celebrate their talents and support their dreams. We invite you to GETtoKNOW another side of the city.

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