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The Potential in Our City

Our city is filled with potential. Where some outsiders may see a vacant lot we see a future garden. Where some people may see a dilapidated house we see the beautiful architecture waiting to be restored. Potential is also seen in the lives of individuals in our city. Where some individuals may see teenagers wandering aimlessly we see hundreds of students ready to blossom.

During the 2014 year LOVEtheLOU will be continuing several projects that build up individual neighborhoods and help them reach their potential. We are moving forward with street paintings and art gardens in Old North St. Louis. We will repair houses, host festivals, and create community gardens throughout North City. We will bring in thousands of dollars and host over a thousand volunteers, but all of this leads to something more exciting.

This summer we will see all our efforts move from physical work to relational progress. This summer our staff will hire and mentor 11 youths from North City to maintain our projects. These students will be learning skills that will help them continue down a pathway of success. We look forward to updating you throughout the summer of the transformation that is happening in St. Louis and we look forward to seeing a few more lives built up in love.

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