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Spring and Summer Happenings

Back in early spring LovetheLou started work on our very first community garden! We took a vacant lot in the Enright neighborhood and worked to transform it into a garden. Not only have we actually grown vegetables (being amateur gardeners and in this record breaking heat) but we have provided something for the neighborhood to be proud of. With the help of lots of volunteers we’ve been able to make something beautiful out of nothing. That’s exactly what LovetheLou is about…beautifying and unifying our city!

The weekend of September 7-9th is going to be a busy one for LovetheLou! We are going to be having a paint the streets festival where we will be painting three more street murals in Old North City. We are looking for local artists and creative types to be a part of this weekend. Send us an email if you are interested! More info is to come!

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