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Paint the Streets Festival

We’re excited to announce that in two weeks (September 7-9) we’ll host our second annual “Paint the Streets” festival. Three St. Louis artists will be painting selected intersections on 14th Street. The artists we’ve selected for this year’s event are Seth Rogers, Elysia Rouggly and Seitu James Smith. You are invited to join us on Saturday the 8th from 9am-3pm to see their work and to participate in other festivities.

The vision for our “Paint the Streets Festival” is all about connection. We would like to see communities connected and built up through street murals. Essentially, by painting the streets we hope to create pathways throughout our city that connect neighborhoods and highlight our beautiful history and culture.

Our first pathway is from Old North St. Louis to the Downtown Lofts. The theme of each painting along this 14th Street route is the Fleur De Lis. Each artist will provide a different interpretation of this famous historic St. Louis symbol. Check out the first street mural done in 2011 by Dexter Silvers on the corner of Montgomery and 14th Street.

We would love to connect many other neighborhoods, so hopefully this will be the first of many themes. For information on how to get a pathway started in your neighborhood please contact us at

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