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LOVE ‘n North St. Louis

This is my neighborhood. These are my children: all of them. This is not one of those canned, politically correct images that attempts to showcase diversity by throwing strangers together in a photograph. This is Enright and Sarah: this is North City.

My wife and I didn’t officially adopt all these kids, however we have adopted this city, and the heart and soul of this city is the people. That is why we are raising our family in the city. We have fallen in love with the people.

For a country boy who grew up outside the small town of Jackson, Missouri, I couldn’t have found a more different setting to raise my family. Yet, our decision to stay in the deep city for the last four years has been confirmed by more than just our amazing 100 year old house. We have enjoyed great cooking, wonderful hospitality, and greetings that go beyond just a wave. We have some of the best neighbors that have quickly embraced us despite my rural roots. We have laughed together and cried together and in the good and the bad I have truly been shown what it looks like to be a community.

Believe me when I say we’ve received our share of looks and questions. When we first moved on the block a few of my neighbors assumed we were the cops. At the same time we had a few friends from the county that voiced their concerns. “What are you going to do about school? Don’t you know the risk? Isn’t this where the most crime occurs?”

In the last few years our fears and doubts are being replaced by LOVE and lots of it. It is not a naïve statement to proclaim that LOVE will drive out all fear. Love is going to change our city. I have seen it within my own life. I have experienced it in my neighborhood and I can’t wait to pass this love on.

I am proud of my neighbors. I am proud of all the good that is happening in the city. I am proud to share stories of my new family. We are here to join. So yes, we see the bad, but I want you know about the good.

If you love our city and you’re ready to make a difference join us at


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