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LOVE is…

…action. If you say you love the city but sit on your hands don’t expect any change. LOVE will push you outward and move you in the right direction.

…work, but it’s always the right work. The paradox of LOVE is that as you are emptied you will also be filled.

…patient. Change is coming, but it will take time. LOVE waits and hopes. LOVE never gives up. Our city is ready for transformation, but it’s a slow process. Don’t lose hope.

…stronger than fear. No matter what the reality or misperception we can be assured that LOVE will win. LOVE knows that prejudice and discrimination will be defeated. LOVE actively seeks justice for the city.

…sacrifice. The greatest act of LOVE is for you to lay your life down for others. Our blood, sweat, and tears, will pay off and restoration will come.

…the most important thing our city needs. Sure, a huge budget would be nice, but a city that is LOVED will never be poor.


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