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A Look Back...A Look Forward

The year 2015 has been one of great significance for LOVEtheLOU. We are a small non-profit that is constantly changing and growing. We’ve experienced lots of growing pains and have taken many risks. We are constantly stepping out of our comfort zone and pushing forward where we feel God leading us. Here is a look at our 2015:

MARCH First Official volunteer group of the season

APRIL Official launch of the new database and website ( Beekeeping began

MAY Papers signed for the Kingshighway Building (It’s ours!) Third Community Garden started 17 neighbors planted in the Enright Community Gardens Mentoring project began with an out of town retreat Intern, Caleb House, Joined the team for the summer

JUNE Hosted first block party of the year First week long volunteer group of the year Jake got married!

JULY Three more week long groups came to serve LOVEtheLOU Mentees continue to work hard each Saturday

AUGUST LOVEtheLOU office is moved Kingshighway building Mentor Project Graduation held (each student successfully finished the program)

SEPTEMBER Finished first Lutheran Foundation Grant Cycle Received second Lutheran Foundation Grant

OCTOBER First festival held at Kingshighway building Second community garden is complete Final volunteer group came to serve

NOVEMBER Eight out of ten apartments are ready to rent Second Annual Fundraising Banquet (we raised $20,000.00!)

Our three person team looks at that list and we each think to ourselves “Ahhha…so that’s why we’re all so tired!”

For as long as LOVEtheLOU has been in existence it has been in a state of change and growth. It’s been an awesome ride! But it has become blindingly apparent to us recently that we are entering a season where our impact must be DEEPENED rather than widened. We have set the foundation and it is our goal to really strengthen it this year. This means focusing on organization, processes, procedures, and current relationships. I think it will be a beautiful year full of Jesus continuing to move in our city. I can’t wait to share stories with you all!

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