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Truman Rhodes

Volunteer Manager

I moved into the St. Louis area in 2018 from the village of Beecher City, Illinois. I immediately fell in love with the rich culture and diversity this city offers its residents and visitors.

I graduated from Saint Louis Christian College in 2022 with a Bachelor of Arts in Preaching and Bible with the goal of helping others discover their own belovedness. After several set-backs and detours in my career in vocational ministry, I was drawn to LOVEtheLOU by their resilient pursuit of helping the residents of North City Saint Louis rediscover their significance and experience relentless love in the face of seemingly impossible circumstances.

Since I began in January of 2023, I have discovered a new philosophy and approach to ministry while being overcome with compassion and love for the city of Saint Louis. I am continuously overwhelmed with gratitude as I meet new neighbors and volunteers.There are good things happening in North Saint Louis and I can’t wait for you to come and see!

Truman Rhodes

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