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Tiarra Harris

Director of Programs

"I feel like this: Whatever is in your path and in your heart, you need to do". 

- J Cole

On this journey of life I've learned to move with my heart and lean into guidance from spirit to accomplish what's needed of me. I am Tiarra Harris, a PROUD native of St. Louis and it's here that I've learned resilience, love, community and the power of laughter. These are the tools I acquired on this journey of becoming who God is calling me to be for those I encounter. For years I have been blessed with mentors and leaders who have taught me to accept myself by embracing all the parts of my journey. There were many pieces of the journey I felt were unfair and others felt too difficult to overcome, many  held the weight of both. As a teenager in highschool  I was faced with having to deal with the effects of a broken home and heart, while learning to keep my head up in the face of transgressions that met me daily. Life seemed unfair and out of my hands. It wasn't until I heard these words sitting in class one day, " You write the story you want to see... allow your heart to speak and ask questions along the way". It was at this moment that I realized I could make my own decisions, that I could change my narrative and that I didn't need to know the answers to get to where I was going, I just needed to be open to asking the questions. In doing so I was liberated, though challenges came and still do I've learned that if it is in my path then I can face it because this is MY PATH and MY JOURNEY. Ever since I've been intentional about empowering youth with the same mindset which has brought me back to St. Louis to plant the seed that was once planted in me. 

Tiarra Harris

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