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Korri Woodcock

Executive Admin & Marketing Coordinator

I ended up at LOVEtheLOU for no other reason than God wanted me here. In 2011 I graduated from Ozark Christian College with a double major in Intercultural Studies and Bible and with a huge heart for cities and specifically for the impoverished communities within them. I had big plans to launch into working with the homeless population in New York City, where I had plenty of connections and opportunities but doors continued to after another. In August of 2011 I was introduced to LOVEtheLOU and all my plans shifted. God said clearly, "this is where you belong." So that September I took a huge leap of faith and moved into North City St. Louis, ready to do whatever LOVEtheLOU needed me to do.

Since that September I have seen God move over and over again. He has guided this organization's leadership and team through countless trials and triumphs. We've seen lives change and communities transform. My passion for seeing North St. Louis united and thriving has only grown and I believe LOVEtheLOU (and the way God is using our team) will continue to be a huge part of that happening!

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