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Emily Decker

LIFT Coordinator

I grew up as a pastor’s kid, deeply entwined with a personal relationship with Jesus and with a small loving church family who did life together. Life didn’t fall into place the way it was ‘supposed to,’ and when it didn’t I lost a lot of community and grief led me to try doing life without Jesus. I moved to St. Louis for college and since then I’ve felt pulled to this city as my home. St. Louis inspired me to pursue my degree in Sociology and Nonprofit Administration. Although my early twenties held a lot of uncertainty, it was clear to me that God didn’t lose sight of my life and I can confidently say that I was pursued by grace and love the entire time. Now at 25, my fiance Tanner and I are finding that sense of community together within this amazing city.

In that pursuit I interviewed with Love the Lou somewhat on a whim, but each time I was able to meet and talk to another member of the team it was clear to me the spirit and mindset of this organization was in alignment with my own heart. I believe so strongly in community and in what can be accomplished by truly and actionably loving our neighbors. As the Lift Coordinator I'll be working under Tiarra’s direction and guidance to build out the Lift program and offer a place of peace and support for the young people in the area. I am so grateful that the Love the Lou team gave me the opportunity to join in what they are creating.

Emily Decker

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