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Make a Difference Today

You don't have to move to North St. Louis to make a difference!  However, there are three key areas of need that we rely on from amazing people like yourself in order to LOVEtheLOU.

Partner With Us

We are constantly building meaningful relationships with different businesses, organizations and people in the St. Louis area.  We have many different ways to effectively utilize these partnerships in the most mutually-beneficial way possible.  All of our partnerships look different, and they are tailored to help meet the needs of St. Louis as best as possible. 

From different businesses hiring our students, support from churches around the Midwest and organizations moving our business development program forward, there are a number of different ways that you can LOVEtheLOU.

Volunteer Your Time

One of our biggest strengths as a nonprofit is effectively mobilizing volunteers.  Over 1,000 volunteers have served St. Louis through LOVEtheLOU, and we could always use more help!

From volunteering to be a youth mentor to week-long groups that come, we are always able to utilize people who want to serve.  Also, we are always looking for individuals and businesses that want to use their professional skills to serve, too.  Whether you're a graphic designer, professional photographer, accountant, etc., you can help restore St. Louis! 

Make A Donation

Financial donations allow us to grow and improve upon the positive impact that we are having in St. Louis.  There are three ways that you can give online, and our financial transparency is very important to us.  Find out more about how your donation will help improve the City of St. Louis.

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