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How You Can Serve

A Mobilization of Volunteers

Throughout our history, we have effectively mobilized thousands of volunteers to help develop our goal of reversing the negative trends and racism that exists in St. Louis.

We have found that there are people all around the country that want to help, but they don't necessarily know how to get involved on issues that matter to them.  We have multiple moving parts that continuously help develop St. Louis, and we always are able to utilize others along the way to help this city and its residents reach their potential.

Different groups will come in during the summer to either help us renovate our different office space for our STL | LINK program.  

Some groups or individuals want to come to our community gardens during the summer to help us out all while getting to know the students in our STL | LIFT program.  There is room every summer for individuals looking to give back and be student mentors.  During the school year, we provide tutoring to our students, and we would love to recruit some talented and kind tutors.

Whether it's a helping hand or housing equipment/resources, our apartments that are apart of our STL | LIVE program are an area of need that we want to be able to develop.

We are always looking for more individuals and groups that want to help heal and restore the City of St. Louis.  

Fill out the contact form below, and we can work together to make St. Louis a better place.

Contact LOVEtheLOU

Send us an email to learn how you can serve and make St. Louis a better place!


PO Box # 8242

St. Louis, MO 63156


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