Stephanie Acon

LIFT Program Manager

I’m a local youth mentor, and the Founder and Executive Director of Finally Safe—a non-profit organization that develops and provides non-traditional activities, supportive services, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ to youth affected by crime and poverty. In addition, I come from a legal background (paralegal) and have been running a faith-based program at the St. Louis City Juvenile Detention (JDC) since 2019. Throughout my work, I have gained not only the privilege of servicing at-risk and underserved youth—but have obtained the advantage of understanding their backgrounds, culture, experiences, and most importantly, their needs.

I never saw LovetheLou coming. It wasn’t until one of my board members introduced me to the organization, that I realized how much we had in common at the time. I thought it was great meeting the staff—but God had something much more in mind, because shortly after the introduction between LovetheLou and I, the organization began considering me for the role of Program Director/Manager. At the time, I didn’t quite understand why the door was opening to an assignment that I didn’t seek out. But, after much prayer, I believe that the Lord has placed me here to plant precious seeds of life (not just in the garden but) inside the youth of the LIFT program. I know that with obedience to His Voice, and the correct nurturing—he will add the increase himself. “Just obey my voice,” he told me. So with that, now I get it, I get the primary reason that I’m here. I was sent to LovetheLou to offer the youth in our program something that they can understand on their level—and carry on with them beyond school and LovetheLou… something that they can carry on for life.