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Keith Kepley

Staff Coach

I believe Jesus is putting this world back together and not quitting until He’s done.  He has rescued me from self-righteousness, addiction, and meaninglessness.  He has graciously given me the honor of having a front row seat to His work, particularly the thrill of bringing good news to the poor.

Jesus has called me alongside LOVEtheLOU to connect, encourage, and train in that good news.  Along with my wife and my four sons, He also lets me serve the incredible people of my hometown as Lead Follower at Ingraham Christian Church.  Additionally, Jesus has called me to advocate for and suffer alongside victims of clergy sexual abuse while seeking the reformation of institutions that cover up such abuse.  In my spare time, I like to trail run and be a nerd.

The best part of serving with LOVEtheLOU is the people.  The city of St. Louis is overflowing with indispensable human beings possessing the brightest of futures.  Why I am so lucky to get to bear witness to all of this I do not know, but I am beyond grateful to serve as Staff Coach with LOVEtheLOU.

Keith Kepley

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