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Javon Mathenia

LINK Coordinator

I ended up at LOVEtheLOU in the 8th grade as a LIFT student. I was looking to make some extra cash for the summer to buy my own clothes for the next school year. I heard about STL | LIFT through some of my friends from school and gave them my mother's number so that my brother and I could join. When we joined the program, it turned out many of my classmates had as well!

I’ve been at LOVEtheLOU from that summer on! My mentors from the program helped me in almost every aspect of my high school career. I got my driver’s license and even proceeded to save up enough money to buy my first car at 16. Because of LIFT I’ve been to countless new places and experienced countless things that most people from my north city neighborhood will never experience. LOVEtheLOU has really impacted my life and helped me to stay on the good narrow path. I graduated LIFT and high school in 2021 and that summer I became a LOVEtheLOU intern. I was hired on that fall and became a LINK coordinator and was given the opportunity to help to develop the new LINK program alongside one of my fellow LIFT graduates. I enjoy the work and I am always trying to be a good example for the younger students. I want them to know that the streets of Lou are not the only option to you!

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