Dureen Norris

Volunteer Manager

My passion has always been to work with people in helping them connect to something bigger than themselves and to find a place where they can leverage their giftedness for the Kingdom of God. I did this for 6 years in the church world then, like so many, that shifted in a moment with COVID. I spent the next 11 months in prayer praying that God would lead me to a place where I could serve from heart’s desires – to lead people into connections through serving the greater call on all of us.

On January 3rd of 2022 I walked into those desires when I started at LOVEtheLOU. During those last 11 months of 2021 I was stretched and grown through the “resting” in God. I definitely did not expect that to happen by learning to “be” with God in the trials instead of attacking them head on and resolving them. Yet, that is how He saw fit to teach me and prepare for this opportunity at LOVEtheLOU. I expected to simply find a job and instead I have been invited into a calling. A calling for myself, for sure, but into a greater calling that is LOVEtheLOU.

Now I am excited to invite others into that same calling to love people, to connect them to others, and to walk with them into a new vision for our city. I love that I get to show people the beauty of community and unity that exists in North St. Louis, to help them experience that through relationships with the amazing people who live here, and to take that sense of greater connectedness back to their own organizations and communities. I know that despite differences in economics, backgrounds, culture, and experiences that we all have something to offer each other. I love seeing the hearts of those who come to serve at Love the Lou come to life as they find friendships and a new understanding through the grace of relationship. I also enjoy seeing the hearts of the amazing people in our North City community come to life as they offer hospitality and the joy of presence to our teams.