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How We Form


Turning Interest Into Action

Throughout the year, businesses, organizations and individuals are alway wanting to figure out how they can get plugged into this movement.

We connect resources to the needs of St. Louis, so we have developed a knack for plugging in others along the way.  We have an endless amount of potential partnerships available, and we are able to tailor and craft each partnership to improve the City of St. Louis.

These partnerships help keep us moving forward as an organization all while putting the needs of the people of St. Louis at the forefront of what we do.

From a volunteer housing a few inner-city teens to professional graphic designers helping us out and everything in between, the positive stories that are flowing out of North St. Louis continue to grow and develop.

If interested in forming a partnership with LOVEtheLOU, fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page, and we will work together to make St. Louis a better place.


“I want to help keep these kids off the streets by giving them a job.  The only way we are going to fix the division in St. Louis is through economic opportunity.”

Mike Conway
Owner of Jabez Property Management 
Partner with LOVEtheLOU

Contact LOVEtheLOU

Send us an email to learn how you can serve and make St. Louis a better place!


PO Box # 8242

St. Louis, MO 63156


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